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MarshmallowMBA is a gourmet marshmallow company handcrafting marshmallows that combine traditional recipes with non-traditional flavors. Our traditional marshmallow confections are available in more than 100 flavors ranging from family-friendly Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy to happy hour-inspired Bourbon and Margarita.

In addition to marshmallow candy, MarshmallowMBA¬† produces whipped marshmallows, GamersEdge energy marshmallows and AthletesEdge sports recovery marshmallows as well as our s’mores on forks. (We call them “s’morks”!) MarshmallowMBA products are fat-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free but NOT fun-free. We invite you to forget everything you know about marshmallows until you try MarshmallowMBA marshmallows.







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