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OurYorkMedia Logo1Our York Media is York’s first all-digital media platform that uses branded content to help businesses share their stories with people on the devices they use most.

Don’t waste your time sending press releases. Forget about old-fashioned advertising.

Through stories, photos, videos and other shareable content, our goal is to bring people closer to the community they love.

What we do
We bring audiences and brands together on OurYorkMedia.com and its social platforms by creating and distributing branded content that is original, engaging and emotionally connects the community with what’s going on around them. Our all-digital strategy focuses on the audience experience. Users of smartphones, tablets and computers prefer to consume custom content without disruptions like pop-ups and other digital advertisements.

Who we help
Our York Media offers businesses and organizations of all sizes the opportunity to share their stories to a local audience that yearns to consume them.
Our trusted platform offers brands the opportunity to start the conversation by owning their stories and telling them in their own way instead of relying on legacy media to distribute their messages.

How we do it
• Our professional storytellers help brands craft a narrative that emphasizes the remarkability of their products or services without sounding salesy.
• Brands also have a direct role in the editing process, from discussing story structure to photo selection and presentation of the content.
• Our content is designed for sharing, with stories that are crafted in an authentic voice that communicates a brand’s aspirations and inspires consumers.
• Our York Media content reads like magazines pieces, not “advertorials.” After all, those are the types of stories that evoke awe, wonder and amazement. They drive emotion, they inspire, they educate. They may spark arousal or anger. They cause action.

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