Partnership Qualifications

Requirements will be, but not limited to:

  • Must have a Pennsylvania Business Mercantile License that is registered within the following counties of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster and York.
  • Must be able make purchasing decisions that allow you to purchase locally.
  • Qualified franchise companies will be listed as their registered business name and their DBA franchise name.

Qualified Non-Profit Organizations

In our new structure, we have included a designation to allow anyone the ability to be part of the Buy Local Coalition, if you would not otherwise qualify. This designation will be known as the “Local Yocal” and is defined as an individual who wishes to strengthen the local economy and promote the Buy Local Coalition, who does not qualify under a business or non-profit designation as set above. This individual may not promote a non-qualified business while attending a Buy Local Coalition event.

  • Qualified Partners Annual Dues = $75
  • Local Yocal Annual Dues = $25
  • Qualified Non-Profit Organizations = Free


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